Improvement of interpersonal relationships, reduction of conflicts and teambuilding

Numerous HR researches are valuable source of information which would enable you to improve individual and team performanceas well as of the whole company.

Motivation for work is one of the most important factors of success. It is usually on individual basis, and qualitatively and quantitatively varies from one to another employee. The results of a short group research can be priceless for effective work-motivation of every employee.

Sociometry can show social or emotional atmosphere in your company, it can discover the presence of a conflict situation, causes of potential dissatisfaction, hidden managing and organizational potentials of employees, as well as find employees who cannot fit into the atmosphere of your company. Also we can see if the employees are affected by dissatisfaction, different goals, needs and wishes; if the atmosphere is harmonic or the people are divided and unsatisfied. In this way you will have the opportunity to solve possible problems, upgrade your business, use the existing working potential maximally, prevent discontent and conflicts among the employees and become more effective.
Using this research you can discover the reasons of fluctuation (leaving the company) and to predict the future fluctuation.
These are only some of the psychological researches in the company. They depend on a company's individual needs. The possibilities are enormous.