Recruitment and revision of the management team

A manager’s position and responsibility are much higher, more demanding and of a greater risk than any other in the company. Managers create organizational politics and thread the path of successful business. “Great companies always start their business with great leaders “- Steve Ballmer. On the other hand the number of people who can fulfill the high expectations of a manager’s position naturally isn’t large, so the right selection of management team is of utmost importance for each company.

The objective assessment of competences for each candidate for management position beforetheir hiring, is the most efficient and economical way of selecting the right person for such an important job.

On the other hand, hiring of potentially successful and capable managers is generally not the end of the support that HR specialists give to a company, but a new challenge. Managers create teams of their peers andalso with their subordinate employees. The company will develop successfully only if they work in perfect accordance with each other. Simex Assessment and Development Center has a great experience in support and development of such business teams in our clients’ companies. As experienced and objective evaluators we can contribute, with small changes and consulting, that teams function better, much more efficiently and successfully.